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September 23-25, 2020

LIVE Online September 23-25, 2020
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Create Content. Generate Cashflow. Impact the World.
If there’s one thing most entrepreneurs miss, it’s this:  

Content doesn’t HAVE to be hard. 

Hi, I’m Marley Jaxx! I’ve spent years building the frameworks and strategies that WORK to turn online content into dolla dolla bills in your pockets. 

One of the MOST powerful frameworks I have is the Content Machine.

During the Content Machine Live Event, I’m going to teach you the EXACT step-by-step process it takes to build one. 

One event. Three days. 

That’s all it’s going to take to learn how to create a content machine that can generate predictable, recurring revenue for your business.

September 23-25, 2020

Learn How To Create & Distribute Content 
That Generates Predictable, Recurring Cashflow

From: Marley Jaxx
Boise, ID

Dear Entrepreneurs and Business Owners,

I see you over there working hard to launch your business into the online world. 

You’re trying with all your might to do everything just right.

You designed an offer and built a funnel. 

You brainstormed upsells and downsells and one-click order bumps.
You hooked up the integrations and learned your way around the back end of the ClickFunnels platform.

You even wrote some follow-up emails to keep your clients and customers engaged and buying.

There’s just one problem … where ARE the clients and customers?

You know you need to get out there and get in front of people, but you don’t know how. 

And if you hear ONE more person tell you to just “get out there and publish your face off”, you’re going to scream. Or cry. Whichever comes first. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather KEEP my face, thankyouverymuch.

They’re right about one thing though. You DO need to publish - and I can help!

THAT’S WHY I’m holding the Content Machine Live Event September 23-25, 2020!

And I Want YOU At This Event!

Content Machine Live is the ONLY event of its kind where you’ll experience 3 FULL DAYS days of dedicated coaching from me and the industry’s TOP experts in visibility and impact.

We’re going to be unpacking game-changing strategies. 

The kind of strategies that will help you build and implement a content machine in your business that creates impact and profit on autopilot.

This content machine will MASSIVELY propel your business forward in terms of audience attention, impact, and revenue.

That’s right. I don’t just play around at this.

This Is NOT Just Some Kind Of Feel-Good Networking Event

(Not that we won’t have fun and interact as a community, because we will.)

This is an IMPLEMENTATION event. 

As in the experts and I will teach, and you will DO. You’ll also have the ability to:
  • Ask all your burning questions about content strategy, video marketing, and consistent cashflow and conversion.
  • Engage in a series of content masterclasses that will empower you to dial in your messaging, leave your audience hanging on every word, and demanding your products and services even before you launch them!
  • Discover the secrets behind executing authentic and impactful content on every platform, without it eating up all your time or profit.
Because here’s the thing:

There’s A Right Way & A Wrong Way To Do Content

Done right, your content can become: 
  • Warm leads in your funnels
  • Sales in your pipeline
  • ​Dollars in your bank account
All WITHOUT having to turn into someone you’re not …

… worry about trying to one-up everybody else out there just to be noticed … 

... or publish your face off (This is good news because I like your face.) 

I’m going to personally teach you my frameworks and strategies for content that PERFORMS.

Where else are you going to find an opportunity like this?

So You’ve Got A Choice To Make … 

Will you choose:
  • Content Machine Live, the 3-day live event where you’ll learn to create the kind of content that catches attention and leads people all the way to sales. 
  • Burn yourself out publishing your face off and throwing any and every piece of content out there just to be visible.
  • Ghost your audience because you’re so busy agonizing over what to post that you end up posting nothing.

Attending this event is the QUICKEST, most cost-effective way to hit the sweet spot of content that converts.

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This content will ONLY be delivered at Content Machine Live 2020.

Your Host



Your personal stories that cashflow and the ones that will make you go broke (AKA the bad kind of vulnerable)


How to plan for profit before pressing play


How to ACTUALLY create content that isn’t BARNEY FOR ADULTS (you all know what I’m talking about)


Ascending your audience in a way that there is little resistance to buy from you


How to turn your content into cash (cause you can’t deposit likes and followers in your bank account)

Guest Speaker

Alex Charfen


“How To Strategically Position Content To Explode High Ticket Sales (Without Hard Selling or Battling Objections)”
High Ticket programs have taken over the online industry yet not much is being taught on how to get high tickets sales with your CONTENT.

Alex Charfen developed the billionaire's code and is the PERFECT person to guide you to positioning and aligning your content to explode your high ticket sales.

Guest Speaker

Cristy Code Red


"How To Fearlessly Lead Your Movement With Conviction And Irresistible Personality (Regardless Of What Platform You're On)"
If you don't believe in your message and movement, no one else will either. You NEED to have conviction and a personality that is extremely attractive to your ideal audience.

After building the most loyal tribe I've ever come across through her content, she's the best person to share how you can build up the confidence needed to have lead a tribe yourself.

Keynote Speaker

Steve J Larsen


“3 Little Known Cashflow Strategies From Your New Or Existing Content Machine”
Everyone talks about how it takes YEARS before you can make any significant money with your content. WE DISAGREE.

Steve has made MILLIONS with his content and has figured out the secrets that'll allow you to activate your cashflow through your content as well!

Keynote Speaker

Russell Brunson



Guest Speaker


“How To Strategically Position Content To Explode High Ticket Sales (Without Hard Selling or Battling Objections)”

Guest Speaker

Cristy Code Red

“Title of Presentation”

Guest Speaker

Steve J. Larsen

“3 Little Known Cashflow Strategies From Your New Or Existing Content Machine”

But … Does Marley REALLY Know What She’s 
Talking About When It Comes To Content & Cashflow?

Here’s What’s Included With Your Event Ticket

LIVE Breakthrough Content Machine Strategy

(Value $9,997)

You get three full days of LIVE training on the formulas and patterns that work to raise a megaphone to your impactful message, build impactful content around it, AND maximize your cash flow as a result. You’ll learn how to find and monetize your message and build a content machine that reliably creates predictable, recurring revenue for your business. I’ll also teach you everything you need to know in order to scale your audience and impact the masses 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Guest Expert Workshops

(Value $3,997)

You’ll also hear from 3 AMAZING world class speakers (pinch me, I can’t even believe they said yes!). They’ll be sharing exclusive trainings on content for high ticket sales, and content cashflow strategies.

Tools & Resources

(Value $1,297)

I’m throwing in all the tools and knowledge you need to amplify your message, captivate your audience, and monetize your amazing message.

LIVE Zoom Interaction

(Value $999)

The entire event will take place live on Zoom, so you’ll be able to turn your camera on, say hello, and get to know the names and faces of the other attendees. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers. We can’t wait!

Total Value: $16,290


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Content Machine Live FAQs


Content Conversion > More Content

Can I ask you a quick question? 

What will change in your business if you don’t get a handle on publishing content?

You’ve got the funnel … so now what?

Well, you could keep on publishing your face off, throwing content out there as if you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, waiting to see what sticks.

You could get lucky and hit on exactly what makes the audience flock to you, but then what?

With no strategic foundation to help you turn traffic into leads and sales, you’ll be stuck churning out content with no real idea what worked.

You won’t be able to create the predictable results that generate recurring revenue and save you time and money in the long run.

Content Machine Live takes care of EVERYTHING.

The Content Machine is built out in three stages. You’ll learn them all at this 3-day event.

Stage 1:

Stage 1:

The Profit Plan 
Learn how to turn content into cash and plan for profit before pressing play. 

Stage 2:

Stage 2:

Build Influence  
Gather up your content and position it to make a real impact by tapping into your position as a leader and letting your own unique charisma shine.

Stage 3:

Stage 3:

Impact Routine
I’ll teach you how to automate everything so you can step away from the content and back into the parts of your business you LOVE. (This is everyone’s favorite part!)
Once you get your own personal Content Machine, you won’t have to spend all your spare time building content that never sees any ROI.

Instead, you’ll be converting traffic into sales with content that generates cashflow WITHOUT:
  • Launching more dead funnels
  • Publishing for months without return
  • Producing content for hours and hours that no one sees
  • ​Publishing your face off
  • Hiring a full time video team

Our Clients Get Amazing Results Using the Content Machine Framework!

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